My name is Justin Reid and this is my blog. Welcome.


My professional career started at Apple Canada in 2004 where I was a web producer and developer on the Marketing Communications team in Toronto. It was a small group so I also got my hands into some advertising as well as event marketing. I got to work with many amazing people, which I liked.

In 2007 I moved to San Francisco to join Apple’s Interactive Engineering team where I was a producer and developer working on and Apple’s email marketing. I got to do lots of cool stuff while in this position, including being on the iPad launch team, helping out the iPhoto team (in a very small way, still cool!), and architecting some internal systems. Once again, I got to work some amazing people who inspired me every day.

In 2011 I moved back home to Toronto and became the Education Marketing Manager at Apple Canada, where I was responsible for the marketing and retail points of sale for all higher education institutions across Canada.


I left Apple at the end of 2012 to get back to doing what I love. I started my own web development company called Hover North and I haven’t looked back.

You might see me out at various meet-ups around Toronto, including Creative Mornings or other development-related groups. It’s always great to meet amazing people doing what they love.


Send me an email or follow me on Twitter if you’d like to get in touch.